Its been a long road...but I'm grateful.

Just yesterday I was a 10 year old girl writing songs in my teenage friends basement studio. In the blink of an eye I was attending The North Carolina School Of The experience that gave breath to my soul. 

With passing of time, opportunities were in abundance through world travel and experiences of musical passions found in other cultures .

Time flies...push forward to play.

Years passed, the music became quiet in my world apart from singing with of family, children, the struggles to just survive took root. 

As my children blossomed into young adults music found me once more. 

 Enter sounds of slow moving Indie interlaced with Jazz covered in Blues.. inspirations rising from my past to paper and guitar. 

The beauty of universal synchronicity found me. The waters of inspiration returned to the 10 year old girl in her friends basement studio.Now that 10 year old girl has experienced the world and its people. The basement studio is now Full Sail University and all its wondrous music technology, engineers, producers, artists, and new friends. 

I write, I play and I sing for you and all of us. 


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